TECTRON WORBIS GmbH – innovative, fast, reliable

TECTRON WORBIS GmbH was founded in 1991 at the location of the former Robotron plant in Worbis. From the very beginning, the company was able to build on excellently trained employees who had already worked for many years as skilled workers and engineers in the electrical sector and the former Robotron Group. Initially, only simple service and assembly services as well as assemblies were carried out, so the service portfolio of the company developed over the years steadily up to a complete EMS provider with state-of-the-art equipment (including 10 Siplac lines) and the latest technology.

Our philosophy – customer-oriented thinking and flexible solutions

The advancing globalization, dynamic world markets and the constant competition with providers from so-called “low-cost countries” are just some of the elementary points we have to deal with on a daily basis. It is therefore all the more important to concentrate on our strengths and core competencies and to continuously expand them. Customer-oriented thinking and flexible solutions are the cornerstones of our success.


Our entire way of working is always geared to our customers. You always have a competent contact person at your side, who can answer questions quickly and knowledgeably. Thus, interface problems between customer and skilled worker can be avoided and important information processed directly.

TECTRON WORBIS is flexible

Our industry is extremely fast-paced and unpredictable. Therefore, our customers must be able to rely on a partner who can react quickly and easily to existing requirements even in difficult situations. Thanks to flat hierarchies, short information channels and readily available capacities, important decisions can be made and implemented flexibly and without detours.

TECTRON WORBIS offers quality

We always offer our customers the highest quality. In order to maintain these high standards, we have highly qualified personnel and the world’s best technologies. In addition, a holistic traceability system of all components used ensures compliance with our high quality standards. Regular external and internal audits monitor this process in addition.

Environment & Energy

The TECTRON WORBIS GmbH currently generates up to 75% of the electricity demand from its own energy park.
This includes a 800kW (400kW own use) photovoltaic system, two CHPs (170kW and 50kW) and a battery backup system.

The by-produced heat is used to heat seven hall systems.

We are green!

Stable and independent thanks to several pillars

Automotive, security technology, telecommunications technology – the past has already shown several times how important the alignment to several industrial sectors can be for a company. In keeping with this basic rule, even in the crisis year of 2008 we were able to almost compensate for the declines of some sectors through innovative new business in other areas.

No matter what industry you come from, all our customers benefit at all times from our high industry standards and our consistently high quality. These aspects are extremely important, especially for customers in the automotive and security sectors.

a forward-looking company

We also want to continue to advance our company in the future and to be a reliable partner for our customers in the field of electronic manufacturing systems – regardless of decisions made by outsiders. To achieve this goal, 100% of the company owners are firmly integrated into the company. In this way, we can create a long-term, future-proof basis that will allow the company to look forward to a prosperous future.

The next generation is already working in responsible and innovative positions in order to best learn and develop the well-founded know-how of the founders. This ensures that our high quality standards and the cornerstones of our philosophy will continue to be passed on and lived by all our employees.

Quality, flexibility, speed – for a secure future.

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