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Often, electronic assemblies consist of hundreds of components. Only a single faulty part can lead to massive faults and malfunctions – in extreme cases even complete failure of the systems. This can sometimes have dire consequences, not just financial ones.

Product safety and responsibility are inextricably linked to the term traceability, especially in our industry. The complete traceability of all installed parts as well as the representation of the entire production process must still be possible after many years. Our modern traceability system allows us to seamlessly trace and identify the manufactured products. This happens along the entire supply chain down to the individual component.

Already at the goods receipt, the foundation stone is laid with a fully automatic incoming goods inspection. All information is recorded by means of a scan system, processed and stored in the Enterprise Resource Planning system. For each packaging unit, a one-to-one unique ID is generated in the data matrix format. Through the coupling of the incoming goods system, the individual SMT lines with our ERP system SAP, a complete traceability is guaranteed at all times. Even after many years, all the information you need is there – fast and reliable.