EMS full service - from assembly to final testing

Do you need printed circuit board assemblies, help with electronics development or the assembly of complete devices and systems? We are your reliable partner for all aspects of electronic manufacturing services. As a highly qualified service provider in the EMS industry, we offer you - in addition to many other customer-specific services - the entire range from SMT production and lacquering to the testing of existing assemblies.

At the same time, almost every manufactured product is unique when it comes to the internal manufacturing and supply chain processes.

SMT production

With surface mounting technology, or SMT for short, all components are soldered directly onto the circuit board. The processing is done with the help of our modern machines.

THT production

With through-hole technology, some components cannot be assembled automatically and are therefore processed manually. However, automatic machines are also available for wired components (axial and radial) for large series production. Several modern wave and selective soldering machines are also available.


In many industries, only printed circuit boards are used that are surrounded by a protective layer of lacquer. Thanks to our automated lacquering facility, we can ensure excellent quality of all lacquering work at all times.

Assembly testing

In order to relieve our customers of the testing of their printed circuit boards or assemblies, we have extensive, state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal at all times with which we can precisely analyse our high-quality products.


If the panels are to be separated from each other using a wedge blade, they are placed in a corresponding separating device and separated using two wedge-shaped blades located above and below the component. The upper blade is lowered and the lower blade is fixed. A V-groove made previously in the printed circuit board serves as a guide. The advantages of this method are the manageable investment costs and the very small amount of stress that can be applied to the assembly during the process.


As a full-service provider, the individual assembly of manufactured components is also part of our range of services. We are happy to set up our own production islands for you, which are reserved exclusively for the completion of the assemblies.