SMT - soldering directly onto the printed circuit board

In contrast to THT elements, SMD elements - i.e. surface-mounted devices - are soldered directly onto the printed circuit board as a flat assembly using solderable connection pads in SMT production processes. This eliminates the need for the through-contacting of wires, which is common in other variants. Our innovative SMT processes allow us to fully automate very dense and double-sided assembly of printed circuit boards, which significantly reduces the space required. Many small components on a reduced surface area thus lead to significantly smaller and also more cost-effective products.

High quality and fast production

Our SMT production offers our customers the highest standard thanks to state-of-the-art machines and qualified skilled workers. In addition to many Mydata machines for small and sample series, various SMD lines - including five complete lines from the latest Siemens X series - are available 24 hours a day. Thanks to our countless projects from a wide variety of industries, we have succeeded in integrating many components that were previously assembled manually in the THT process into the SMD process. THR technology (Through-Hole Reflow) enables us to put together various assemblies even more effectively and economically.

We also use the latest technology to determine the most suitable process sequences for each assembly in advance.

The advantages of SMT production