Install PCBs professionally

As a full-service provider in the field of electronic manufacturing systems, not only the development and production of electronic assemblies is one of our tasks, but also their professional assembly. As a company with many years of experience and in-depth know-how, we are able to meet all the requirements of our customers. This also includes the most diverse assembly activities that are needed to complete or build a product. In addition, we can then perform a so-called end-of-line test, in which all functions are once again analysed and tested in detail.



• Fast and professional assembly

• Highly qualified skilled workers with many years of experience in various industries

• If necessary, performing an end-of-line test to analyse and test the functionality of the final product

• Establishment of own production islands for the demand-compliant completion of the products

We are happy to set up specially built production islands and production areas for our customers, which exclusively serve for the assembly and completion of the assemblies and products and which are precisely adapted to your needs.