Coating as protection for the printed circuit board

A coating is recommended to protect the electronic assemblies against external environmental influences.

In many areas of the economy today are used only printed circuit boards, which are provided with a corresponding protective coating. Whether manually or fully automated – thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and coating lines, we are able to offer you a wide range of different solutions in the field of so-called coatings. You can decide at any time whether the entire assembly or only partial areas should be sealed. Upon request, we can also seal individual components with high-quality silicone or glue them together using special materials.

Automated coating lines for the highest quality

A permanent monitoring of the spray pattern as well as an automatic adjustment of the spray head allow coating results at the highest level. In addition, our highly qualified skilled workers regularly check the viscosity of the medium and various parameters during the drying process for each product. From the first to the last assembly, we can thus guarantee our high quality even for large series and the most diverse PCBs.

The advantages of the coating

• Important protection against attacking environmental influences

• Partial protection of individual components possible

• High quality thanks to constant testing of fully automated coating lines

• Silicone rubber sealings and gluing also possible with individual components

We will gladly inform you about the various possibilities of the coating and develop proposals for solutions that exactly match your wishes and the needs of your product.