SMT production

SMT – soldering directly on the printed circuit board

In contrast to the THT elements, so-called SMD elements – i.e. surface-mount devices or surface-mounted components – are soldered directly to the printed circuit board using solderable connection surfaces as flat assembly. The through-hole contact of wires, common in other variants, is not necessary. Thanks to our innovative SMT process, we can fully automate a very dense and two-sided assembly of printed circuit boards, which significantly reduces the space requirement. Many small components on a reduced surface lead to significantly smaller and cheaper products.


High quality and fast production

Our SMT production offers the highest standard to our customers thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and qualified skilled workers. In addition to many Mydata machines for small and sample series, various SMD lines – including four complete lines of the latest Siemens X series – are available 24 hours a day. Thanks to countless projects from a wide range of industries, we have succeeded in integrating many of the components that have been manually assembled in the THT process into the SMD process. The so-called THR technology (Through-Hole-Reflow) enables us to equip diverse assemblies even more effectively and economically.

In addition, we use state-of-the-art technology to determine the most suitable process sequences per module in advance.

The advantages of SMT production

• Reduction of devices and individual circuits possible

• Lower costs by eliminating costly drilling

• Ideal for flexible printed circuit boards

• Faster production thanks to fully automated processes

• Improvement of high frequency characteristics

• Reduction of weight

We would be pleased to advise you in detail on all advantages and related work steps of the SMT production and the elaboration of tailor-made solutions for your product.