New project / development

From the idea to delivery

Many companies want to concentrate on their core competences and invest no time in the development of electronic assemblies. Our many years of experience in the field of project management as well as reliable relationships with highly qualified development offices allow us to implement your ideas and new projects quickly and efficiently. By outsourcing the development, not only costs can be saved, but also chronological steps can be shortened and mistakes can be avoided. We are happy to take over the overall responsibility of the project, a subproject or are available to you in our function as manufacturer and service provider of the EMS industry.

All samples (from the B phase on) are made at the beginning of the project in the project and prototype phase at conditions for series production. This early production with the entire series equipment reveals further potentials and additional solutions in the first test phases.

Custom-made and innovative

Our custom solutions not only include consulting and design, but also tailor-made development, design and manufacture of prototypes and entire series. Whether circuit design, layout or production of printed circuit boards – thanks to individual measuring systems and testing mechanisms, we offer you the highest quality and tailor-made development of the entire electronic system in every step, observing all legal requirements. Using our innovative design methodology, we can provide you with deep insights into circuit design early on, allowing you to precisely analyse highly complex systems. Through this step, laborious and costly corrections can be avoided already in the development phase.


• Fast and efficient implementation of your project

• Overall project implementation by highly qualified employees

• Early production to conditions of series production

• Customer-specific solutions for tailor-made production

• Highest quality standards in all work steps

• Innovative design methodology for early problem detection

In close cooperation with you, we develop individual and innovative solutions that optimally take into account all functional requirements. We are happy to advise you on your new project and develop custom-fit prototypes that can easily be converted into series production at a later date – from the initial idea up to the fast delivery of the product.